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If you're in need of high quality web design, graphics, animations, video, or custom audio at reasonable prices, Fox View Multimedia, LLC is right for you.

From breathtaking game graphics to outstanding animations for the advertisement and film industries, we have the tools and the talent to bring your design ideas and projects to life. Backed by 10+ award winning years with graphics and effects, we make it our mission to impress our clients, and bring excellence to our work.

Game graphics, visualization, and special effects are our areas of expertise. This is also what helps us stand apart from the crowd when it comes to web design. With the rising demand for powerful images for web sites, online games, films, and videos, choosing the right creative firm becomes extremely important. As Web Designer magazine says," we (Fox View Multimedia, LLC -and Louis DuPree) have the right balance of simplistic and spectacular!"

Many people purchase web site templates to create their pages. Although this is sometimes the best choice for those on a small budget, you are limited to the boundaries of that design. Plus, there are MANY extra elements to web design the end user never sees but are extremely important to consider such as web site optimization and web application creation. These additions, which are only offered through customized websites, can successfully bring clients to your site, and add the dynamic experience that keeps users returning.

When considering building your site, always keep in mind content is very important, but so is interactivity, and visual stimulation. Also, web site optimization for search engines is what allows visitors to find you. Without all these elements successfully implemented, you could miss potential business.

For more information about our services, and for additional examples of our work, please visit www.foxviewmultimedia.com

Online grpahics created by Louis DuPree
3d graphics created by Louis DuPree for a National best selling author’s website:

Do you have a project idea that needs 3D animation?

I've worked on every kind of 3D graphics job from major titles of DVD releases to medical animations for the leaders in the pharmaceutical industry.

Fox View Multimedia, LLC is an inexpensive and valuable asset for any quality production. If you need visualization or special effects for video, film, or online content, always consider us. We have over 10 years of experience in this field, and a network of professionals to draw from for specific creative tasks.

Viral marketing and viral advertising refer to marketing techniques that use preexisting social networks to produce increases in brand awareness or to achieve other marketing objectives (such as product sales). There is no better and more fun way to increase brand awareness than through the creation of great online games.

This image of a sunken galleon
was created by Louis DuPree for
Game Developer magazine.

Here are some sites and games that were created with graphics and animations by Louis DuPree at
Fox View Multimedia, LLC:

Crash Spyro Online promotional game graphics and animation by Louis Dupree

Crash and Spyro online promotional game -Graphics and animation by Louis DuPree at Fox View Multimedia, LLC.
hot fuzz online game - grpahics by Louis Dupree

Hot Fuzz movie’s online promotional game -Graphics and animation by Louis DuPree at Fox View Multimedia, LLC.
Blabk Snake Moan - Online game created by Louis DuPree

Black Snake Moan movie’s online promotional game -Graphics and animation by Louis DuPree at Fox View Multimedia, LLC.
Jack Ass moview - Online game grpahics created by Louis DuPreewww.jackassmovie.com/goregame
Jack Ass II the movie’s online promotional game -Graphics and animation by Louis Dupree at Fox View Multimedia, LLC

Here are some examples of recent work created at Fox View Multimedia, LLC. These sites use a variety of website creation software.

We created this website on a budget for Azalea Drive Church of Christ. The site has many features, including their weekly trivia game. This site also uses 17 web applications. These applications allow for easy updates (not requiring a web designer) for over 80% of the site. It uses HTML, Flash, PHP, and MySQL.

Here is a great website we created for a group of several Churches of Christ. It is a dynamic site providing videos, news, and prayer lists for all the churches. Our client wanted to be able to upload videos easily, and also wanted a site that could be easily expanded to include more churches. www.churchofchristnearyou.com

This BETA site was created for our audio director. Jamie Montoya is a local musician and praise leader in Cary, NC. Visitors can listen to his music, or browse his photos. This is a unique site reflecting the character of the artist and the moods of his songs. Once his album is released, the site will be officially launched. www.jamiemontoya.com

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